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Easy fundraisers for baseball teams

Easy fundraisers for baseball teams

Winning strategies for your next baseball fundraiser

Success on the baseball field requires dedication, practice, and mastering the basics. Beyond the pure joy of playing, baseball helps ingrain habits that will last a lifetime: teamwork, perseverance, fitness, and healthy eating habits. With all that work on the field, it’s critical to find a fundraising program that isn’t so difficult. And with all the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle that goes along with playing sports, maybe it’s time to just say “no” to that tub of cookie dough, calorie-laden candy, and other unhealthy fare that’s often sold by teams for their fundraisers.

The Right Game Plan for Fundraising Success

On the baseball diamond, working together as a team, whether for youth baseball or older leagues, is key to success. However, unlike baseball, successful baseball fundraising ideas do not require a lot of hard work…if you choose the right product to sell and the right strategy.

This step-by-step game plan will produce a big win and big profits for your program:

  1. Set a fundraising goal. Choose an amount that everyone can rally behind. But don’t be afraid to aim high. Athletes and their supporters thrive on reaching for goals.
  2. Choose a product to sell that complements the healthy lifestyle sports promote. You’re asking people to support an athletic endeavor. Cookies, candy, and sugary drinks might sell at low price points, but they run counter to the purpose of sports.
  3. Sell the right product… Remember, you are selling to family, friends and neighbors. Most of your sales are to people you know. Why would you sell anything other than a high quality product? With Yankee Candle Fundraising, your supporters choose from the same well-known, high-quality products they buy everyday.
  4. …at the right price. We offer our products at the same price your family and friends find them for in stores or online.
  5. Score big profits. Just looking at percentage of profits is a narrow-minded approach. You might receive 90% profit on a $1 item, but have to sell dozens and dozens to creep toward your goal. Or, by earning $10 on the sale of one Yankee Candle, you’d only have to sell 10 to reach $100 profit.
  6. Let the website do the heavy lifting. One of the easiest ways to raise money is through a website your supporters can order from no matter where they live. If you are raising money using Yankee Candle Fundraising, you are in luck—the work of preparing a website is already done. Yankee Candle Fundraising’s website is in place, ready for supporters to shop for your cause. They can order directly and easily from there and the profits go straight to you.

Get your baseball season off to a great start with a fundraiser that’s easy, profitable, and offers products your supporters love to buy. That’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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by CHRISTINA JOHNSON on Yankee Candle Fundraising
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Fundraiser toearn fees for tournaments and uniforms for our youth traveling baseball team