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Using social media to raise money for your organization

Using social media to raise money for your organization

Getting the word out about your fundraiser

Reaching the right people with the right message is critical to your organization’s fundraising success. Whether you are raising money for your school, group, team or church, it’s no secret that the more people who are aware of your campaign, understand why you are holding a fundraiser and are given an opportunity to participate, the more success you will have.

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You’ve already taken the most important steps by choosing a dollar goal, the products you’ll sell, and what the money raised will fund. But now what? To reach your goal you need enough people to know about your fundraiser and be moved to participate – in other words, it’s time to get the word out via social media!

Whether it’s a website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other of your favorite channels, social media can create a buzz for your fundraising campaign and spread awareness widely and quickly. You can even create a short video about your fundraiser and post it on YouTube. The genius of social media is that your friends and followers are already interested in you. And once you spread the word to all of them, they can spread it to their friends and contacts. And on and on.

Tips for using social media to bolster your fundraising:

  1. Have that website ready before you begin! You’ll need a website your supporters can order directly from. If you are raising money using Yankee Candle Fundraising, you are in luck—the work of preparing a website is already done. Yankee Candle Fundraising’s website is in place, ready for supporters to shop for your cause. They can order directly and easily from there and the profits go straight to your account. Just remember to include a link to the website in all your social media communications.
  2. Tell your story. Whether through words, pictures or videos, find creative ways to let people know why you are raising money and how it will be used. Everyone gets more engaged when the story becomes personal. Are you building a playground at your school? Is your church youth group traveling to help kids at an orphanage? Is your sports team in need of equipment or funds to travel to a special tournament? Tell them, show them and engage them with tweets, emails, blogs, Instagrams and short videos.
  3. Help them tell your story. If your story is compelling and your cause catches their attention, your friends and followers will want to share your story. Make sure they can do that by making everything you send out sharable. Include links, hashtags and let them know you would like them to share the news about your fundraiser.
  4. Include a call to action! Always, always make sure you ask them to contribute to your cause. Every communication needs a call to action—what you want them to do and when. (It’s always a good idea to include the dates of your fundraising campaign, but even more important is to let them know that there is no better time than right now to take action.)
  5. Show them the way. Remember that website we talked about at the beginning? The one that lets them easily order what you are selling in your fundraiser? All your social media efforts will go to waste if the people you are communicating with can’t quickly and easily do what you are asking them to do. Always include a link to that website. All Yankee Candle Fundraising campaigns come with a fully set-up, fully functioning website that handles orders from anywhere in the country—at no cost to you!

Finally, social media can’t run your fundraising campaign by itself, but it can open up a whole new world of opportunities. Use it at every stage of your campaign—from kickoff to letting everyone know how successful your fundraiser was—to inform, engage and fuel your efforts.

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