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Easy fundraising ideas for kids

Easy fundraising ideas for kids

Running a successful kids fundraiser

Helping kids raise money for a day care center, special project, trip or cause can be a very rewarding experience. But although kids’ enthusiasm runs high, they need a fundraiser that’s easy, doesn’t require a lot of time, and gives them the best opportunity for success. Let’s face it, parents will be doing the lion’s share of the work. Still, choosing a fundraiser with the right product at the right price will deliver proven results without overworking anyone.

The keys to successful fundraisers for kids

Here are some quick ideas and things to consider before you make any decision on how you’ll help your kids fundraise:

  1. Set a fundraising goal. Choose an amount that everyone can rally behind. Whether it is per person or a total project goal, choose an amount that your kids can rally behind and your supporters can strive for. Everyone performs better with a specific goal in mind.
  2. Choose a product to sell that complements what you’re teaching your kids. You’re asking people to support a cause revolving around children. Cookies, candy, and sugary drinks might sell at low price points, but they might not be the best representation of the lifestyle you are instilling in your children.
  3. Sell the right product… Remember, you are selling to family, friends and neighbors. Most of your sales are to people you know. Why would you sell anything other than a high quality product? With Yankee Candle Fundraising, your supporters choose from the same well-known, high-quality products they buy everyday.
  4. …at the right price. We offer our products at the same price your family and friends find them for in stores or online.
  5. Enjoy big profits. Just looking at percentage of profits is a narrow-minded approach. You might receive 90% profit on a $1 item, but have to sell dozens and dozens to creep toward your goal. Or, by earning $10 on the sale of one Yankee Candle, you’d only have to sell 10 to reach $100 profit.
  6. Let the website do the heavy lifting. One of the easiest ways to raise money is through a website your supporters can order from no matter where they live. If you are raising money using Yankee Candle Fundraising, you are in luck—the work of preparing a website is already done. Yankee Candle Fundraising’s website is in place, ready for supporters to shop for your cause. They can order directly and easily from there and the profits go straight to you.

Now go out and have some fun helping the kids raise money!

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