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Top fundraising ideas for your school’s prom

Top fundraising ideas for your school’s prom

How schools can earn money to pay for the prom

For most students, the high school prom is a huge event. Huge in anticipation, huge in planning and huge in fun. Unfortunately, for both students and schools, proms can also be huge in cost. But because the prom is such a defining moment of the high school years that creates a lifetime of happy memories, everyone goes to great lengths to make it happen. Any means by which costs can be reduced—without adding in a ton of work for everyone involved—are well worth looking into. One proven way high schools and high school students can help reduce the costs of putting on and attending prom is through fundraising.

Picking the right fundraiser for your school

Raising money to help offset the costs of hosting or going to a prom is not a new concept. Over the years, prom committees and class members have turned to everything from bake sales to candy sales. Some schools raise money at their sporting events by setting up a table to sell cookies and other homemade goodies, or even a raffle to benefit the prom. Flower and plant sales are popular, too, as many people are starting to get their gardens in shape around prom season. Some other school fundraising ideas might include selling roses for students to give to other students, selling individual cookies or candy bars outside the school cafeteria, or holding a weekend car wash in the school parking lot. There is no end to the number of ways to chip away at the cost of prom. However, fundraising can take lots of work and the rewards can be small. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

With time constraints and costs always a priority, it definitely pays to turn to a fundraising idea that can produce proven results and won’t take up too much time. In short, you need a fundraiser that’s easy to run, offers people something they really want and has a proven track record of delivering profits.

The keys to fundraising success for your prom:

  1. Tell them why. For starters, most people enjoy helping out a cause like high school prom. Nearly everyone has enjoyable memories of their own prom and would like today’s high school students to have that same pleasurable experience. When people know exactly where their money is going, they have an easier time supporting the fundraiser. Be clear why you are asking for their support.
  2. Make it personal. The easiest route to success is by selling to those who are closest to you. Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and even your co-workers at your after school job. Let them know why you are raising funds (proms are expensive!).
  3. Offer them something they already love. People are tired of supporting fundraisers that offer products that are over-priced or that they can purchase at a local retail outlet for much less. When you offer high-quality, value priced, branded products that are backed by a name that is trusted, your family and friends will be more eager to buy. For instance, when you sell Yankee Candles you are selling a product everyone already loves. And you’re selling it at the same price they pay in a store.
  4. Use the most powerful tool—social media. No one knows the power of social media like a high school student. From email to Facebook, from texts to websites, they can reach out as far and as wide as their network goes to get the word out about raising money for the prom. Make sure to include a live link to the website where they can support you.
  5. Let the website do the heavy lifting. One of the easiest ways to raise money is through a website your supporters can order from no matter where they live. If you are raising money using Yankee Candle Fundraising, you are in luck—the work of preparing a website is already done. Yankee Candle Fundraising’s website is in place, ready for supporters to shop for your cause. They can order directly and easily from the website no matter where they live in the country and support your local prom. The profits go straight to your account.
  6. Catalogs are still a great tool for selling. Catalogs are ideal for selling in person, and Yankee Candle Fundraising catalogs even include “rub and smell” pages so folks can actually smell the fragrance of a candle before buying!
  7. Earn big profits easily. Just looking at percentage of profits is a narrow-minded approach. You might receive 90% profit on a $1 item, but have to sell dozens and dozens to creep toward your goal. Or, by earning $10 on the sale of one Yankee Candle, you’d only have to sell 10 to reach $100 profit.
  8. Have fun. Whether the profits are going to a prom fund to defray the overall costs of the event, or to help subsidize individual students, make sure you choose a fundraiser that’s not too much work or too little profit. Save your time, energy and money for enjoying the high school prom.
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