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PTO Fundraising Ideas

PTO Fundraising Ideas

The first step in PTO fundraising is deciding which fundraising program you’re going to use. With so many PTO fundraising ideas available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your school’s fundraising goals. You want to make sure you choose a fundraiser that not only helps raise money, but also brings your school community together. Raising money for your school is always a noble cause, but raising school and community spirit is a great added benefit!

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When deciding on a PTO fundraiser, think about your objectives. What are you raising money for? A class trip, a deserving organization, or a new playground? Narrowing down the goal can help to decide which fundraiser would be best.

Get Social

Once you’ve decided on a fundraiser for your PTO, it’s time to get social! Let everyone in your school network know about your fundraiser. Don’t forget teachers, school organizations, and online groups too! Yankee Candle® Fundraising makes getting the word out easy. Almost everyone recognizes the Yankee Candle® name, making it easy to get your friends, colleagues, and family excited about your PTO fundraiser. Plus, we offer products from other great companies like Ball®, Coleman®, Contigo®, Calphalon®, and more, so you can fundraise with your favorite brands worry-free!

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